Thursday, September 16, 2010


May 6 2010
First of all, tell me this isn't the coolest coffee picture ever:
....^ The inspiration. The center one, of course.
That, my dear friends, is the breakfast of artists. ;) Starbucks coffee from Justin and Sarah dear, and vanilla yogurt with Anna's homemade granola (amazing!!) and frozen berries. Oh.My.Goodness. :)
Now onto painting! That, for your information, is dark-dark-dark brown. Brothers didn't think so. 
"Frustrations on the job? Brothers who think a yummy dark-dark-dark chocolate color is black. Sheesh. Their eyes are used to looking at grey pipes of riding lawnmowers and Yamaha dirt bikes. Not paintings. Harhar.
Yes. Paint-splattered fingers are poetic. And those are library books in the upper left corner...heard about Elizabeth Berg from Flower Patch Farmgirl, so I thought since I like ww2 books, I'd check out Dream When You're Feeling Blue. It's turning out fine so far...I love how she gets you right into the era with slang, clothes, rations, everything. It's so good:) Oh, and realistic family life--sisters having those small odd spats, borrowing clothes, and the cute characters of the little brothers with so many quirks. ;)
I love that apron. And a button for a towel? Sweetness:) Black and white is...oh, yeah. <3 it:) Anyhow, I'm digressing. On purpose. it is:
I just love the falling-apart vintagey rocking chair I snapped it on.
Let me know how y'all like it, 'kay?
Thanks:) Then I can predict if I need/want to paint any more like this--with varying customized colors for the mug. Pink isn't for everyone:) In fact, I'm not much for pink, but when it's paired with dark chocolate and there's not a huge bucket load of pink, I'm okay. I won't ever paint my walls --not even one-- pink. Won't even buy furniture that color. But I did see some furniture in the newest Emma that was pink...and I loved it...but I might get tired of seeing it everyday, such a large thing.

Coffee. Bunches of them. :)

April 23 2010
Everything good starts with inspiration. :)
[The one on the left is obviously the original, the one on the right is my trying to do something like it, with pen and coloring in with crayons. :) Aren't I classy?]
At the coffeeshop in town with Skylar... We had $5.50 together, but it was .50 short of paying for her chocolate-raspberry iced cappuccino and my small English toffee cappuccino. This random guy at the end of the counter footed the 50 cents. He doesn't seem too creeper, which is's nice to live in a small town.
For some reason, I don't think people in a New York coffeeshop/bistro would be so generous if we were short a certain amount of change?
Something funny.
A man walked in, went to the counter, and told one of those nice, friendly ladies, "One pound, please."
I looked at Skylar.
"Did you hear that?"
We snickered.
"It's like a drug! It' a drug!" She whispered.
"Um, honey. It is."
Har. Har. Caffeine is a drug, isn't it?
Well, then. Let's keep it moderate. It's not my fault I post pictures on here and you worry about me. ;) (Sincerely, I hope you don't...worry, I mean.)
We're going to move on now.
To the next crafty thing I did.
And all the ideas Mom and us have had the past few days for my paintings? Lots. :) Ah yes, and Jen dear! 
Just keep in mind that those cards (yes, those were cards up there, and I did take a picture of them) were an inspiration for me. I thought of them, and you know what I wanted to do. :)
No, that's not coffee right there. That, my dears, is dirty paint water. :)
Alright. Now that's coffee there. I have to confess, I wasn't sure what to think of the colors I was fudging about with; but I recently looked at a color wheel in a design book and I'm comforted by that and how the painting turned out... pretty darn cute:)
If no one else likes it, I have it for myself . . . which of course I'm going to keep this prototype, but it turns out that I'm not the only one who really, really likes it.
Heather loved it.
Anna likes it.
I'm not alone... ;)
I love how the purple and yellow turned out. :)
Painting during the day is a beautiful thing.
It reminds me of Grammy. She used to paint. Quite a bit, not so random, and better than this. Harhar.
That's one of the ways I sign it--on the bottom...with the brand that I made up a few years ago when I would make cards and bookmarks with coffee stamps and color them in and shade with yummy colors.
So there's the finished coffee canvas.
Hope y'all have a lovely day.

Psalm 23

April 21 2010
This all started yesterday.
A wonderful day.
Beautiful day.
Here's a quote I wrote on my dresser that I have yet to right the wrong for:
Yeah, the permanent marker is starting to wear off.
Of course, it all (the painting) started with a chocolate...
No, I'm kidding. But I was eating a few, like this:
I love paint. 
(In fact, this was my fb status earlier: painting away....did one yesterday, and finishing up an aqua-purple-black one for Rachel....her belated bday present....:) coffee, paint, music playing on my laptop, what more could I ask for?)
Yes. I brewed coffee first. Altura, all-organic, whole bean, dark roast. There's the details, folks. I knew you wanted to know. :P
A blank canvas, a mug full of coffee, brushes, and a library lovely.
Here's the colors of the background that Rachel picked out:
Ah.... :)
That's the background, finished...a nice aqua blended with a bit of white for a lighter tint in the center...darker around the edges.
There's the inspiration/prototype. And yes, my canvas is sitting on top of library books. I didn't change that, because heck, I can easily scrape the paint off the plastic cover with my nail...mastermind that our table is already paint-marred a little and could stand being wrecked by my stuff, too... :)
Alright. Break time.
Then, Lyd and I took a nice walk to the library and coffeeshop.
I can't resist violets. I hope you can't tell...


I love taking pictures of paint. And I love painting in the daylight.
It turned out quite well. And I heard she liked it. Dear Paige:)
So yes. There's another one for ya. This art post is much shorter than normal art posts, mainly because I made collages out of it. Oops.