Thursday, September 16, 2010

Psalm 23

April 21 2010
This all started yesterday.
A wonderful day.
Beautiful day.
Here's a quote I wrote on my dresser that I have yet to right the wrong for:
Yeah, the permanent marker is starting to wear off.
Of course, it all (the painting) started with a chocolate...
No, I'm kidding. But I was eating a few, like this:
I love paint. 
(In fact, this was my fb status earlier: painting away....did one yesterday, and finishing up an aqua-purple-black one for Rachel....her belated bday present....:) coffee, paint, music playing on my laptop, what more could I ask for?)
Yes. I brewed coffee first. Altura, all-organic, whole bean, dark roast. There's the details, folks. I knew you wanted to know. :P
A blank canvas, a mug full of coffee, brushes, and a library lovely.
Here's the colors of the background that Rachel picked out:
Ah.... :)
That's the background, finished...a nice aqua blended with a bit of white for a lighter tint in the center...darker around the edges.
There's the inspiration/prototype. And yes, my canvas is sitting on top of library books. I didn't change that, because heck, I can easily scrape the paint off the plastic cover with my nail...mastermind that our table is already paint-marred a little and could stand being wrecked by my stuff, too... :)
Alright. Break time.
Then, Lyd and I took a nice walk to the library and coffeeshop.
I can't resist violets. I hope you can't tell...

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