Monday, October 4, 2010

Experience a random moment?

May 25 2010
This was Thursday, on the 20th of this month. Ahhh, that's the mug from Sarah. It's amazing.
I filled it with the predictability of me.
So this was inspired by an already-existing print, too. But here's mine...almost done...
Lyd was sewing something on the machine, and you can see the vibrations...I didn't really mean to capture it, but it looks randomly cool:)
See how huge it is, that lovely mug? Ohhh yes. It's like half the size of my head. It's great. :)
I'm not sure you can tell I like that green chair:) 
This is before I made it a bit older-looking....not so perfect.
There it is:)
Not bad for a prototype. Heh. Not my favorite, personally...but hey. To each his own.
So that's all for this one.

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