Monday, October 4, 2010

Tea and books

June 3 2010
*happy sigh*
I'm working on another canvas right now (aren't I always?) and so I'm in a funk, hence this'll be short --how strange for me, but that's the norm lately.
This prototype I made on May 26, I believe?
Sorry I don't have any of the process this time--I just have a few shots with that cute green chair.
For the record, I am so painting the chairs (in my house someday) different colors . . . well, or else just an out-of-the-ordinary color. Like green. This green. I love it. And everything is not going to be matchy-matchy. 
Not that I've been known to be such, but oh well;)
Excuse the gas-powered red machine of some kind in the background. I have two brothers.
Then, the other day I made a cleaner-cut version; not so 'artsy' as Heather called this first one....she likes this one better, but I like the newer one better because I changed the color of the cup to more of a blue shade. :)
Mhmmm. I like me some blue. Moreso than green, which I like a little less.
As I've said before, like here, hot pink I can take--in small doses. And not on my person. :D
And just because I'm a decent sister, I gave Ben his own version to hang in the shop;)
And let's just say that I named the new series that I'm working on a huge canvas for....Night Sky. Heh heh. I'm so darn creative! (with naming painting series, that is)
Oh, please watch your step.
Don't trip over my sarcasm.
'Kay? Thanks:)


  1. Such great ideas you have! I love this CS Lewis quote. That about sums me up perfectly. ;)

  2. I have to see that movie now! Source code?! Is she just in a small part of the movie?! I'm so flattered -- it's not at all weird.
    I used to get "Sandra Bullock" a lot. I don't think I look like her at all.
    <3 leigh

  3. I like the blue on black canvas best, and the quote is pretty much phenomenal.