Monday, October 4, 2010

Purple heart

May 8 2010

For Lyddie:)
Her favorite color is yellow, so obviously that was part of it...
Okay, so purple and yellow are complimentary. And with the yellow being on the pale side, I think it looks kind of cute:) From a very objective angle, of course.
Alright. So this was Tuesday, May 4. We had Danny for the afternoon, and he wanted to go outside. He actually let me sit him on my lap so we could put his shoes on. The way he says shoes and outside and boys is adorable.
I wanna go outside and see Bubby.
Ben had gone on errands or something with Caleb... Danny was sad. Obviously. But I can't say I didn't bring out the lilacs for the picture I knew would come, because he'd get emotional...and it might make a cute picture.
Boo-hoo. Feel his emotion and misery here, that his Bubby wasn't there to be with. 
He was so sweet though, and we went back in and he played with some toys/duplos.
Almost done...yeah, there's not that many picture with this canvas, seeing as how it's quite simple.
Not . . . quite . . . done . . . yet.
A little bit of corners to get some detail and interest...she wanted something "more" on the edges, but I didn't want to go all whack because this is really a simple type of painting...
Hmm. Gotta love that old rocking chair. I always use it.
I really, really, really like that pale yellow.
Couldn't resist posting this one.
It's like...the perfect breakfast.
I love peaches. Frozen or fresh. And coffee. 

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