Monday, October 4, 2010

Night sky #1

May 30 2010
Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday afternoon....or whatever day you read this:)
Alright. I'm catching up chronologically, just because that's how I'm dealing with the folders of pictures waiting to be picked through, certain ones uploaded, and blog posted.
So let's get onto the pictures. :)
Let's get this clear.
This was random.
On a new, big canvas Ben made for me.
For me.
So this painting...I painted for myself.
Just wanted to tell you, I don't expect ones like this to sell. (laughs)
Time for some chocolate-covered coffee beans. Oh yes. Celebration--a canvas is finished. :)
...'Tis a night sky type of thing, if you couldn't guess.
Sorry. Again, no words to say.
But this--I think it looks pretty cool on the wall where I hung it...
There it I had to use flash. :P And yes...ahem...that's me, probably around-1-2 yrs old. With a little chickie held in Daddy's gloved hand, at a grandma's farm.
I've been obsessed with this song. Just thought I'd tell you. Since it's not available on the site where I get my blog music from. :(
And goodness, his music is nice and various--I love painting to it. Imaginably, the urge to dance comes;)
So that's my painting, folks.

My unfailing Love for you will not be moved
for you will not be moved
My unfailing Love for you
and though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed
yet My unfailing Love for you.
[Jimmy Needham]

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  1. thats's beautiful :) i would put it on my wall!

    love jojo xx